Hey girl, it’s Jess.

Something cool happened in the past 48 hours!

🔥  A year ago I taught myself how to make gifs. Nice to have? I thought: need to have.

🔥 Six months ago I taught myself how to get your Giphy stickers on Instagram to be used as stickers in Instagram stories.

🔥 Yesterday one of my Antwerp Avenue gifs (the Babe one) hit the global trending page and spiked to 19 million views in 24 hours. 

Isn’t that amazing?!

You can use our branded #AntwerpAvenue gifs on your Instagram stories too! Just type “Antwerp Avenue” in the search bar & there you go! Add to your stories. Tag us to show us & so we can repost 💕🔥

These are our other gifs: