Power Planner (Leopard)

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  • Power Planner (Leopard)
  • Power Planner (Leopard)
  • Power Planner (Leopard)
  • Power Planner (Leopard)
  • Power Planner (Leopard)
  • Power Planner (Leopard)
  • Power Planner (Leopard)
  • Power Planner (Leopard)
  • Power Planner (Leopard)
  • Power Planner (Leopard)
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You’re an absolute goal digger, babe. And you’ve tried and tested multiple apps, systems & schedulers but you always revert back to just writing on paper to get organised. And you really wànt to get organised. Why is that? To hit your goals, ‘cause they’re BIG. You know what? You totally can hit those big big big goals, because together with our AA girl gang (you!), we made this Power Planner.

For my fellow wild girls, I created the Leopard Planner. 🐆 We don't live by the rules, we don't break them, babe... We MAKE them. You never fit in, but sis, that's because you were born to stand out. And we want to hear you roar.

Turn your dreams into plans with the Power Planner, because it will absolutely change your life.

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Contents of the planner

The power planner consists of 4 main sections:


  • An overview of all months to indicate highlights
  • Three pages of contacts, you never know who you’ll meet & you might want to write down their Insta handle, email address, phone number etc.

Break up your big, seemingly overwhelming goals into 6 small, totally doable steps to make turn your dreams into reality.

We absolutely listened to all your needs and made sure we have both a weekly overview to plan your week ahead and 7 full pages per day. That means, if you work weekends, you can still schedule your whole day like any other day. 

Weekly overview contains:

  • weekly focus
  • people to see/call-list
  • shopping list
  • health goals
  • personal weekly goals
  • work related weekly goals
  • gratitude list, notes
  • a 'follow up on’-list
  • an Antwerp Avenue quote
  • notes

Daily overview contains:

  • a schedule (undated) + list 
  • work related goals for the day
  • personal goals for the day
  • a ‘don’t forget’-list
  • exercise + self care list
  • a gratitude list

A small section of notes, you never know if you need some more space to write down your thoughts, and some empty brain declutter pages to mindmap, scribble or doodle! 


Practical info:
  • Gold spirals
  • A5 size (with spirals: W18cm x L22cm x H2.8CM
  • Thick, hardcover with gold foil
  • Pink elastic band included
  • Premium, high quality, writable paper
  • 326 pages
  • Undated 
  • Contains pink dividers with quotes
  • 26 weeks (x 1 weekly overview + 7 daily + 1 notes page)