Remember when we launched our brand new OBSESSION COLLECTION in the morning of February 1st with our amazing new "Bow Down"-case of Beyonce as Mother Mary? And did you remember Beyonce's iconic pregnancy announcement in the afternoon of February 1st?

This pregnancy announcement photo is rumored to be inspired by Mother Mary. And guess what Beyonces grammy outfit was inspired on? You guessed it. Mother Mary.

"The iconography here is pretty codified. The Virgin Mary is usually draped in a blue veil and gazing modestly, adoringly down; the baby Jesus stares solemnly out at the viewer. It’s rare, but not impossible, to see any image of the Virgin Mary with her belly swollen by pregnancy: It’s a fleshy image, and the Virgin Mary is supposed to be beyond flesh.

But there’s Beyoncé, gazing down, pregnant, draped in a Madonna-like veil, her ruffled panties Virgin Mary-blue."

Take a look at the collection favorite below!