It seems like in 2019, anyone who’s anyone has a side-hustle. Whether you’re a journalist who’s also a DJ, a creative working in an agency who organises events in the evenings, or an office worker with a side business selling kombucha, everyone’s doing something. So why are side-hustles so popular?

Extra income

The primary reason people start side hustles is to gain a source of extra income. With the rise of social media and endless Instagram accounts posting content reminding us the future is in our hands, we’re all realising that there’s really no limit to what we can achieve. With this in mind, things that once seemed like impossible dreams (think retiring at 35 and moving to a deserted island in the Caribbean) are sort-of within reach, given we can supplement our income with our side-hustle outside our main job. Side-hustles are also super popular because they give power to the entrepreneur: you can work when and where you want, and for only a limited period of time. It’s especially worth considering if you’re saving up for a special holiday or for a downpayment for a house – taking on a money-making side-hustle for 6 months can help you reach your financial goals faster. We have faith in you, girl!

Learn new skills

Not all side-hustles have to make you money. Some people start a side-hustle to give them a chance to practise a skill they’ve been wanting to work on. It’s easy to say you want to get better at writing, or to have a shot at organising events, for example, but life can get in the way, and it’s hard to find time to set aside for your hobbies. Starting a side hustle that you share with your friends and post about on social media (think volunteering time to write for charities, or organising an event series showcasing cool entrepreneurs in your city) can give you the nudge you need to force yourself to gain those skills you want to build. Plus, who knows – maybe those very skills will help you towards the job of your dreams in the future! It’s a win-win.

It’s a great creative outlet

Especially if you work in a non-creative job, having side hustle can give you space to flex your creative muscles in the form of music, painting, drawing, logo designing… the possibilities are endless. These days, people (and especially ambitious girl bosses!) are feeling less and less satisfied working in a full-time job, being told what to do by a manager and having their creativity limited. Even if you love your day job, a side hustle can be a super fun way of letting go of the rules and having some fun exploring your artistic side. Bonus: it’s a well-known fact that painting and drawing are great stress-relievers – why do you think adult colouring books are so popular these days!?

Whatever your goals and ambitions in life, a side-hustle can help push you to keep learning, think creatively, and maybe even earn some extra money on the side… what’s not to love?