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The Power Planner

Meet the magic key to reaching your big goals. 

You’re an absolute goal digger, babe. And you’ve tried and tested multiple apps, systems & schedulers but you always revert back to just writing on paper to get organized. And you really wΓ nt to get organized. Why is that? To hit your goals, β€˜cause they’re BIG. You know what? You totally can hit those ambitious goals.

Are you looking for a stylish way to get organized, practice gratitude and stay on track of your big goals? We got you.

We know that reaching for the stars way more fun with a pretty planner by your side. Look no further, because you just found your new BFF.

Thousands of happy boss babes have changed their life Power Planning. What are you waiting for? Turn your dreams into plans, we are rooting for you.

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What's inside?

βœ“  Event Calendar & Contact Sheets
Keep track of your big events & contacts.

βœ“ Goal Setting pages
Reach those big goals of yours by breaking them up into six small, easily achievable steps. Then let go of the mountain, and focus on the process.

βœ“  Planner Section
We absolutely listened to all your needs and made sure we have both a weekly overview to plan your week ahead and 7 full pages per day. That means, if you work weekends, you can still schedule your whole day like any other day. 

βœ“  Notes & Brain Declutter Section
A small section of notes, you never know if you need some more space to write down your thoughts, and some empty brain declutter pages to mindmap, scribble or doodle! 





I’m so happy with the planner! I wish that it will be ever available for a while year. πŸ’• My days work better now! So gratefull I found this!



This planner really is pink girlboss goals! I am such a fan! Thanks to the Power Planner I really believe you will achieve your goals and dreams! Don’t hesitate, it really is my favourite!



I use this planner in combo with my digital desktop planner, and I'm on top of things! Love the Power Planner!