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Bright. Bold. Unbreakable.

At Antwerp Avenue, we believe that protection shouldn't come at the expense of style. For the past nine years, we've been creating colorful, shockproof phone cases that empower women to express their individuality and ambition. 

Designed in Antwerp, crafted in Italy, and loved worldwide – our cases are as unique as the women who use them.

Born from Empowerment

Our founder, Jess, started Antwerp Avenue with a mission: to break the mold of boring, uninspiring accessories. Tired of the corporate gray, she envisioned a world where women could flaunt their vibrant personalities without compromising on protection. 

Each design is a testament to this vision, blending design and functionality in perfect harmony.

Unmatched protection

Our cases are shockproof, scratch-resistant and built to last. Keep your smartphone safe from everyday mishaps.

Drop tested

Our cases are drop-tested and feature a shockproof design with a rubber layer between the outer shell and the phone. This unique construction ensures your smartphone stays safe from everyday mishaps and accidental drops.

Women driven

Our all-girls team in Belgium and abroad ensures that every case is brought to you with care, precision.. and a touch of feminine flair.

Stunning design

No more dull, lifeless yellowed (bestie what are you doing?!) cases. Our collection features bright, bold, and beautiful patterns that make a statement.

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