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Hakuna Matata SHOCKPROOF

35.00 EUR25.00 EUR

Can you control it? If the answer is no: don't worry about it. If the answer is yes, change it. You can't afford to lose your precious energy & light...

Trust The Process SHOCKPROOF

35.00 EUR25.00 EUR

The only way out is through. You were put on this earth at this exact moment because you are absolutely capable of coping with your current situation. And remember: everything...


35.00 EUR25.00 EUR

There will always be chaos, there will always be worries, there will always be problems. Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance...

Future Millionaire SHOCKPROOF

35.00 EUR25.00 EUR

Bruno Mars once said he wanted to be a billionaire, so freaking bad, and buy all of the things he never had. But don't we all? Millionaire, billionaire, gazillionaire. You...


35.00 EUR25.00 EUR

Glow • get • ter(noun.)A driven busy woman who strives to achieve her goals in life while attaining a beautiful glow both inside and out. ✨ Do you know your...

The Trailblazer SHOCKPROOF

35.00 EUR25.00 EUR

Rules? They’re meant to be broken. You’re smashing goals and breaking rules on a daily basis, and doing so in your own unique way. You’re a trailblazer, darling. Shop this...


35.00 EUR25.00 EUR

She refuses to accept the status quo as her truth, she refuses to follow conventions 'just because it's always been this way'. She's paving the path towards her dreams &...


35.00 EUR25.00 EUR

You don’t just take a walk on the wild side, you live there. When life puts you in a tough situation, you don’t say “why me”, but “try me”.  You...

Darling Hearts SHOCKPROOF

35.00 EUR25.00 EUR

  Love is all around, sweetheart. And you are spreading it in the world like sprinkles on a cupcake.. Thank you for that! Classic Antwerp Avenue babes are obsessed with...


35.00 EUR25.00 EUR

  If you want something, babe, you just go ahead and get it. You don’t wait around for someone to do it for you, you take ownership of your life...


35.00 EUR25.00 EUR

You know you’re a bad b*tch, and you’re proud to own your identity. From crushing business meetings to slaying your goals, it’s confidence all the way. Some people might think...


35.00 EUR25.00 EUR

  You KNOW you’re good, but sometimes you just need that extra boost of confidence. Business is full of setbacks. It can be tough to keep going. You’re constantly faced...


35.00 EUR25.00 EUR

    Understated, powerful, in control. You start speaking, and everyone stops to listen. You’re confident in your abilities. You know just how damn good you are. So you don’t...

Ambitchious SHOCKPROOF

35.00 EUR25.00 EUR

You know what you want, and you won’t stop until you get it. A woman on a mission. There are no limits to what you will achieve. You’re ambitious and...

The Stockholm

65.00 EUR24.00 EUR

Your passion is art, your fave food is Swedish meatballs and you loooved watching Pippi Longstocking on TV as a kid? Just kidding, we’re not stereotyping here. Sweden has a...

The Rio

59.00 EUR24.00 EUR

You love nothing more than dressing up fancy and going out with the girls for a fun night. Your life motto: why be moody when you can shake ya booty?...

Workin On It - Notebook A5

21.00 EUR

Are you both a masterpiece and a work in progress? Are you a goal digger reaching for the stars, but also super down to earth? Then this one is for you....

Gift card for Antwerp Avenue

from 20.00 EUR

Get your friend/girlfriend/mom/sister/cousin/.. an Antwerp Avenue gift card and I assure you: they’ll be super happy! Gift cards are valid for a year and will be delivered immediately to your...

The London

55.00 EUR19.00 EUR

Art is your middle name and there’s nothing you like more than wandering through colorful galleries, mysterious streets and busy parks. You easily blend in with the high fashion society...

The Bali

44.00 EUR19.00 EUR

You think life’s better at the beach surrounded by palm trees? Hop on that plane and add an air of tropical vibes to your look with The Bali sunglasses.  These...


35.00 EUR17.00 EUR

  You’re confident in your abilities and you are absolutely nailin’ it. Whatever is thrown at you, you can handle it. You always power through. A true goal digger at...

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