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The Indira

79.00 EUR35.00 EUR

Command attention with the Indira sunglasses. Inspired by the trailblazing politician and India's first female Prime Minister ‘Indira Gandhi’, these shades are bold, authoritative, and fearless. Own your power and...

The Coco

79.00 EUR35.00 EUR

Elevate your fashion game with the Coco Chanel sunglasses. Inspired by the iconic fashion designer, these shades exude elegance, sophistication, and a touch of Parisian chic. Let them be your...

The Aretha

75.00 EUR35.00 EUR

Let your confidence shine with the Aretha sunglasses. Named after the Queen of Soul herself, these Aretha Franklin shades embody power, soulfulness, and undeniable charisma. Wear them and let your...

The Claire - Blue light blocking glasses

49.00 EUR35.00 EUR

Bonsoir, enchantée Claire.  🙋🏼‍♀️  Confident, sophisticated and always dressed up - that’s what makes you, you. Effortlessly chic is the perfect way of describing your magnificent taste in fashion and...

The Zooey - Blue light blocking glasses

49.00 EUR35.00 EUR

You're a sweet and funny gal, sometimes even a lil' bit dorky - the type of person who finds herself extremely funny (lol). People admire your youthful enthusiasm and optimism, your glass...

Focus Shift - Poster

from 34.00 EUR

This poster is more than an decorative accessory, it serves as a daily affirmation, urging you to channel your energy towards what you can influence, fostering resilience and optimism. The bold...

Written In The Stars - Poster

from 34.00 EUR

Believe in the cosmic magic of your  voyage with our "Written in the Stars" poster. In a beautiful galaxy an iconic pink planet  proclaims, 'It was written in the stars, baby.'...

One Day At A Time - Poster

from 34.00 EUR

Accept the beauty of the present and take it One Day at a Time. This poster extends an invitation to savor each moment, encouraging you to navigate life with patience and mindfulness. 🌼💕🌸...

Becoming Her - Poster

from 34.00 EUR

Enlighten your path to self-discovery and BECOME HER. This poster is a beacon, guiding you to welcome the ongoing journey of becoming the best version of yourself. Let it be a visual affirmation...

Magical Energy - poster

from 34.00 EUR

Believe in magic and use this poster as a talisman to infuse your day with enchantment. It is your daily affirmation, reminding you that your energy holds the power to create...

Delulu Is The Solulu - Poster

from 34.00 EUR

Celebrate your crazy side with our "Delulu is the Solulu" poster. This design celebrates uniqueness and the idea that sometimes being a little crazy is the key to being amazing. 🎂💖...

Driving Delulu - Poster

from 34.00 EUR

Celebrate the joy of being a little delulu and cruise through life with our "Driving Delulu" poster. This design is an ode to spontaneity and to the free spirits. We encourage...

Love Yourself First - Poster

from 34.00 EUR

Prioritize self-love because your well-being deserves the green light. This poster reminds you to advocate for yourself. So, hang it as a testament to the importance of self-care and let it be your light...

Be Fearless - Poster

from 34.00 EUR

Levitate beyond limitations with our "Be Fearless" design. Let it be your constant companion who inspires you to pursue your aspirations with a heart full of courage and a mind...

New Doors - Poster

from 34.00 EUR

Welcome change with our "New Doors" poster. 'Old keys won't open new doors,' is a message that invites you to start on a journey of exploration. Hang this poster as a key to...

Focus On The Good - Poster

from 34.00 EUR

Upgrade your mindset with our "Focus on the Good" poster. This poster is for the optimists, for those who want to radiate joy. It’s a reminder to focus on the good and it will brighten every...

Committed To My Dreams - Poster

from 34.00 EUR

Engage yourself in the commitment to your dreams with our "Committed to My Dreams" poster. A gorgeous green ring box unveils a heart-shaped pink diamond ring—symbolizing your unwavering dedication to chasing...

Damn Priority - Poster

from 34.00 EUR

Elevate your daily outlook with our "Damn Priority" poster. Let this stylish accessory be your daily signal to value self-worth and welcome the journey with confidence. So don’t forget to embrace your own personal...

The Greatest Project - Poster

from 34.00 EUR

YOU are your greatest investment you will ever make. "The Greatest Project" poster is a vibrant reminder to this. The clear blue sky and motivational words encourage self-love and motivate you to become...

Take It Easy - Poster

from 34.00 EUR

In a world full of rushing, we encourage you to take it easy. We want to be your daily reminder to approach life with a sense of calm and confidence....

Prime Focus - Poster

from 34.00 EUR

This poster is your daily affirmation of empowerment and self-love. It’s a reminder to prioritize yourself every day. Let this be a visual cue to celebrate your unique personality and make...

Everything Happens For A Reason - Case

from 29.00 EUR

Embrace life's mysteries with this "Everything happens for a reason" case.🔥 Let it remind you that while everything may happen for a reason, sometimes it's okay to ask questions. Keep...

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