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The Trailblazer - Blue light blocking glasses

59.00 EUR

Rules? They’re meant to be broken. You’re smashing goals and breaking rules on a daily basis, and doing so in your own unique way. You’re a trailblazer, darling. Act like...

The Julia - Blue light blocking glasses

55.00 EUR

You’re known for your hard work and your great ability to put your thoughts into action. You're the definition of a real bossbabe, you don’t wait for miracles and once you...

The Claire - Blue light blocking glasses

49.00 EUR

Bonsoir, enchant√©e Claire.¬† ūüôčūüŹľ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ¬† Confident, sophisticated and always dressed up - that‚Äôs what makes you, you. Effortlessly chic is the perfect way of describing your magnificent taste in fashion and...

The Cassie - Blue light blocking glasses

59.00 EUR

Being around the people you love makes Cassie the happiest person on this planet..  Spending time with them not only gives you a massive load of energy, besides that you...

The Blair - Blue light blocking glasses

59.00 EUR

Blair, is that you? Or should we say Queen B?Luxury is your middle name, you love to treat yourself with some fancy goods. A designer bag, a luxurious perfume or some...

The Thelma - Blue light blocking glasses

59.00 EUR

A Thelma is the type of person who doesn't really believe in settling, because she deserves a whole lot more than the bare minimum. Yes, you are that girl people always...

The Zooey - Blue light blocking glasses

49.00 EUR

You're a sweet and funny gal, sometimes even a lil' bit dorky - the type of person who finds herself extremely funny (lol). People admire your youthful enthusiasm and optimism, your glass...

The Louisa - Blue light blocking glasses

59.00 EUR

Goofy, caring and a unique personality - that’s how your friends would describe you. Louisa is the small town girl who turned into a big city babe. You're going after your...

The Michelle

65.00 EUR

Make a statement with the Michelle sunglasses. Reflecting the grace, strength, and elegance of the former First Lady ‚ÄėMichelle Obama‚Äô, these shades exude confidence and empower you to embrace your...

The Maya

65.00 EUR

Step into the sun with the Maya sunglasses. Just like the iconic poet and civil rights activist ‚ÄėMaya Angelou‚Äô herself, these shades embody grace, wisdom, and resilience. Let your true...

The Coco

79.00 EUR

Elevate your fashion game with the Coco Chanel sunglasses. Inspired by the iconic fashion designer, these shades exude elegance, sophistication, and a touch of Parisian chic. Let them be your...

The Billie

65.00 EUR

Embrace your inner diva with the Billie sunglasses. Named after the legendary jazz singer ‚ÄėBillie Holiday‚Äô, these shades capture the essence of her soulful charisma and timeless style. Let these...

The Indira

79.00 EUR

Command attention with the Indira sunglasses. Inspired by the trailblazing politician and India's first female Prime Minister ‚ÄėIndira Gandhi‚Äô, these shades are bold, authoritative, and fearless. Own your power and...

The Aretha

75.00 EUR

Let your confidence shine with the Aretha sunglasses. Named after the Queen of Soul herself, these Aretha Franklin shades embody power, soulfulness, and undeniable charisma. Wear them and let your...

The Frida

59.00 EUR

Embrace your inner artist with the Frida sunglasses. Named after the iconic painter and feminist icon ‚ÄėFrida Kahlo‚Äô, these shades capture her vibrant spirit and creative energy. With their bold...

The Rosa

59.00 EUR

Make a stand with the Rosa sunglasses. Inspired by the civil rights activist ‚ÄėRosa Parks‚Äô who ignited change, these shades symbolize strength, resilience, and determination. Wear them proudly and be...

The Marie

59.00 EUR

Illuminate your style with the Marie sunglasses. Named after the pioneering physicist and Nobel laureate ‚ÄėMarie Curie‚Äô, these shades blend intellect and sophistication. With their sleek design and innovative flair,...

The Jeanne

69.00 EUR

Channel your inner warrior with the Jeanne sunglasses. Inspired by the legendary French heroine Jeanne d'Arc, these shades exude confidence and fearlessness. Whether you're conquering the boardroom or taking on...

The Amelia

65.00 EUR

Take flight with the Amelia sunglasses. Just like the fearless aviator ‚ÄėAmelia Earhart‚Äô herself, these shades embody adventure, independence, and a pioneering spirit. With their vintage-inspired design and modern edge,...

The Scout - Blue light blocking glasses

55.00 EUR

The scout is skilled in surviving & managing on their own.. far from the streets of a city. Scouts are Warriors of the Wilderness. They serve as the eyes and ears of the group, they...

The Jess 2.0 - Blue light blocking glasses

59.00 EUR

Stuck between 'I'm so proud of myself' and 'I'm a work in progress' is what you go through on a daily basis. You are a performer, an achiever, and you...

The Performer - Blue light blocking glasses

59.00 EUR

All the world's a stage and you're born to be front and center. ‚ú® There may be a lot of drama in your life.. or is there? Maybe you secretly...

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