Humming with Happiness SHOCKPROOF

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  • Humming with Happiness SHOCKPROOF
  • Humming with Happiness SHOCKPROOF
  • shockproof phone case inside
  • Humming with Happiness SHOCKPROOF
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Spread your wings, beauty. Hummingbirds spread happiness & joy wherever they fly.. And that does sure sound a lot like you, doesn’t it? Just you, flying through life.. humming with happiness!

Spiritually, a hummingbird symbolizes letting go of our worries. The weight of our worries weighs us down but, if we learn to let go, we will feel as light as a hummingbird. And we will be able to spread joy & happiness.. What a beautiful meaning. 

This classic & joyful case is the perfect fit for you if you are looking for a case to celebrate the joys of life. A big plus: it’s 100% work-environment proof!

Shop this super-protective, ultra-resistant 2-in-1 shockproof phone case, with rubber on the inside and polycarbonate on the outside.

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