Whether or not you believe in the Law of Attraction, there’s a bunch of scientific evidence to back up the idea of visualisation to help you achieve your goals. That’s why it’s often used by high-level business people and sports stars: they imagine themselves crossing the finish line or beating a crazy sales target, and it ends up happening. But (sadly!) it’s not just magic – there’s a lot of effort involved in using visualisation to make your dreams come true. Used in combination with hard work, there’s no doubt that it can be a power tool in helping you build your girlboss empire. Interested? Here’s how to get started.

1. Get clear on your goals

First and foremost, you need to be absolutely sure of what it is that you want to achieve. That could be anything from making a certain amount of money a year or selling a certain number of products, to scoring an appearance on your dream podcast. The clearer your goal, the more likely it is that you can visualise it into reality, so get focused girl! Think specific numbers, dates, and amounts of money you’d like to earn.

2. Make a vision board

Next, get creative with a bunch of magazine, and make your own vision board. If you’re trying to manifest your dream launch party for your business, for example, you might want to include magazine cut outs of the perfect outfit you’d wear, colour schemes you’d want to use, and the food platters you would serve to your guests. Remember, the more specific the better, so for this example, if you have a specific location in mind for your launch party, make sure to print out a photo and pin it on your mood board. If you’re after a certain salary, write that on a piece of paper in big bold letters and include it too. Finally, place the vision board somewhere you’ll see it regularly: in the bathroom by where you brush your teeth, or above your bed for example.

3. Meditate

Meditation has a whole bunch of amazing health benefits, and it can also be a great tool for business people. Meditation helps clear your brain of ‘noise’ and unhelpful thoughts, so you can quieten your mind and allow space for your real desires for your business to come to light. Try out a class at your local yoga studio or on YouTube, or download a free app like Headspace to try out in the comfort of your bed. While in the calm mindset that accompanies meditating, try and visualise what it is you’re hoping to achieve.

4. Feel it to believe it

The most important part of visualisation is that you really truly believe in what it is that you’re manifesting. That means experiencing the moment with all of your senses: imagine what it would feel like to check your bank account and see that dream amount of money, or how it will feel giving a speech at your launch event and hearing applause from the most important people in your life. Visualising your goal should make you feel excited and motivated, like you’re craving that feeling and can’t wait until it’s reality. 

5. Put in the work

The final step is of course the most important. Once you’ve primed yourself with a mindset ready for success, make sure you’re doing everything to align your actions to your goal. If you want an amazing guest speaker on your podcast, make sure you’re sending out letters and requests to them with a personal message to improve your chances. If you’re visualising giving a successful workshop, make sure you do your best to promote it amongst your network. Visualisation has amazing potential, but it will only work if you do, girl!