Antwerp Avenue was shortlisted “Most Instagrammable Product” by Stylist Magazine in London last night and I haven’t been this proud in a while 🇬🇧💞


It’s been over a year since I started researching the UK market and decided “I want in”. From then until now, I’ve planted seeds, worked days and nights, did meetings and visited London about 4 times before eventually launching the Antwerp Avenue UK online store in November at Stylist Live. 

The results were incredible. The team and I got SO much feedback from our customers and passers-by and it was just incredible to be so close to the customer. 

But while the whole event was quite amazing, one moment was undoubtedly the best moment of the entire week. Antwerp Avenue was shortlisted “Most Instagrammable Product”  by Stylist Magazine itself. We were listed among 5 world-class brands and products and i was just in awe. 

I would like to thank the Hachi Team & Miki for being the most incredible team I could ask for 🔥