Making the best out of every day may imply breaking some old habits, and building some new ones. Here’s 8 boss babe habits you should start developing today!

1. Invest in education 📚

If you own a business, time is money. The more you invest in yourself and your knowledge, the more you and your business will be worth. Investing in getting smart is the best habit to create. Buy yourself books on Audible (check out our top 10 here), invest in courses & classes (about marketing, sales, business) and attend conferences & events.

Tip: Udemy has a wide array of courses on every topic!

2. Stop checking your phone in the morning 📱

Getting up should be relaxing. At this point, you are still in your private atmosphere, not 100% ready to face the day. Break the habit of opening your emails in the morning. Some happy emails may enter your morning, but some dreadful deadlines, invoices or remarks may be in your mailbox and can totally ruin your happy morning.

And we all know if a morning starts out bad, it’s hard to have a good rest of the day!

3. Don’t check your email after 8pm 💌

Same goes for checking your email after 8pm. As an entrepreneur, it’s hard to make a distinction between your work life and your private life. And the fact that you really like your job, makes it even harder, right? Still, you want to end your ‘working day’ by not checking your emails anymore after 6/7/8pm (whatever is your time to end your working day).

After that, you need to allow yourself and your mind to be off the grid. If an important email comes in, your mind will be a merry-go-round, right? So when exactly are you ‘not working’ then? Right.

Break the habit of checking your email after 8PM and …

4. Rest, rest, rest 🛀

We know you want to make the most out of your day, but you will recharge your phone every night in order for it to run smoothly, why won’t you allow yourself to recharge? Quality rest = quality work.

Think of your body like a million-dollar racehorse. You wouldn’t deprive your horse of sleep before a race, right? If you had a million-dollar racehorse, would you let him stay up late, drinking coffee and red bull? The answer is no. Then why would you treat your million-dollar body that way?

5. Believe in the universe – and in yourself ✨

Battle self-doubt by believing in the universe. Always know that if you 100% believe in the universe, the universe has got your back. But also believe in yourself and that you are capable and good things will come your way.

Also know that you can ASK things of the universe. Be super clear and ask (write down or ask out loud, and repeat, repeat, repeat). The universe will then start to take care of it for you. Just wait & see.

6. Don’t say yes to empty meetings ❌

Meetings make us feel BUSY. And busy makes us feel good. But being busy and being productive is something else. Meetings usually end up taking too much of your time and the ROI will be very low. Say ’no’ to empty meetings. And when you say ‘yes’ to a certain meeting, limit the time you take to finish this meeting. That way you free up your time for productive stuff.

Tip: instead of ‘working’, make sure you are actually ‘producing’ something every day. Change your words and see what happens!

7. Batch similar tasks 👯‍♀️

Multitasking is dead. It may seem like it’s very productive, but actually it’s quite the opposite. Prepare for a truthbomb. A real productivity hack: start batching similar tasks together.

Making social media quotes? Make 20 at a time while you have Photoshop or Canva open. Doing meetings? Batch all your meetings on the same day. Administration? Organise a full day of admin tasks so you don’t have to go back in every so often.

You are losing so much time trying to get into a task, then moving on to a completely different one. Imagine being able to stay in one focus for a full day, how much more efficient would that be?

Stop multitasking. Start batching!

8. Set goals 🎯

Being your own bo$$ is great but also comes with many challenges (duh, no breaking news here). Being the only person to set your schedule may result in some over dedication on some tasks and under-dedication on others.

Set goals at the beginning of every month (montly goals) and every week (weekly goals). Then reverse engineer those goals. Break up your goal in actionable steps and follow these steps diligently. Goalsetting will eventually help you be super productive and reaching your goals will become so easy you’ll soon start setting bigger and greater goals for yourself!

Are you ready to SLAY these new habits?